Feature Guide

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Introducing EAServer


EAServer execution engine

Component support

J2EE platform support

Network protocol support

Dynamic HTML support

Administration and development tools

Client-session and component-lifecycle management

Naming services

Connection caching

Transaction management


Result-set support

Support for asynchronous messaging

Asynchronous processing support

Systems management support

Support for legacy Open Server applications

IPV6 support

Developing an EAServer Application

Introductory concepts

Developing an EAServer application

EAServer runtime environment

EAServer Components


Enterprise JavaBeans components

Java components

CORBA-C++ components

PowerBuilder components

ActiveX components

C components

Web Applications

What is a Web application?

Contents of a Web application

Using PowerDynamo with EAServer

EAServer and PowerDynamo architecture

Setting up PowerDynamo as a client

Using Message Bridge for Java with EAServer

Message Bridge overview

Using Message Bridge

Message Bridge and EAServer architecture