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Interface CtsSecurity::AuthService

This specifies an interface for performing authentication, access control and security auditing at the session level. User can write an implementation of this interface and configure a server level authentication service by setting the server property '' to the component name that implements this interface.

The authentication service can additionally implement the CtsServices::ControlService to provide ability to refresh the component during a server refresh. Component refresh provides ability to perhaps re-read a configuration file used by the authentication component, or refresh an internal cache used by the component WITHOUT the need to restart the server. The ControlService has 1 method 'control'. This method must be implemented by the user defined authentication service in addition to the checkSession method defined below.

During a server refresh, EAServer will attempt to invoke the control method on the authentication service with the argument 'refresh'. A return value of 1 from the method is considered a success. Any other return value is treated as an error condition and the authentication service will be disabled. If the component does not implement the CtsServices::ControlService interface, then no error/warning is logged by the server.

Note that, this is not a replacement to EAServer's role based access control mechanism. Role based access control is applied at the EAServer package/component (and/or method) level. Also, if SSL or OS based authentication is configured in the server, EAServer will authenticate users based on the configured method(s) before invoking this authentication service.

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