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Interface CtsSecurity::CallerPrincipal

This represents an interface for retrieving additional information about the current authenticated session. This interface should be used when a customized authentication service component is also used or a JAAS login module is used that invokes SessionInfo.setName(alternateName).

There are 2 ways to implement this interface.

  1. User can write an implementation of this interface and configure a server level caller principal service by setting the property to the URL by which to access the component that implements this interface.
  2. Otherwise, this interface may be implemented by setting the CtsSecurity::CallerPrincipal as an additional interface for the authentication component. If this scheme is adopted, it is not necessary to set the server level caller principal service property as described above.

At runtime, the server will first check for the server level caller principal service property. If this property is set, the authentication service is not consulted at all. However, if the server level caller principal service property is not set, then the server will default to checking if the authentication service (if any) has implemented this interface.

It is optional to implement this interface.

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